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Latin girls by themselves are very approachable, even when they cant speak Eng. they sit there smiling amused at gringos babbling in a foreign language. Joanna was a cute, shy girl I kept saying "tu cervesa" and waving her to follow. She giggled and did, so I bought a 6 pack & took her to my hotel. She sipped away on here beer which traded for my cock as I slowly got her undressed. After sucking hard, she let me fuck her even though we still couldn't say much to one another. I guess beer & is the only way to communicate sometimes....

ALEX & SONIA prt.2
Well after they showered each other we knew Alex & Sonia would be worked up a bit and probably horny for some action. We offered them an American Hot Dog in exchange for their tight teen tacos, which they gladly accepted. After some snacking on my Gringo dog, i made sure they got an extra splash of mayonaise!

Met Giselle & Katerina in a Baranquilla disco on a Friday night. They kept dancing & kissing each other but seemed to enjoy practing their English on me. They were rich 18 yr old chicas from the Universidad and liked to party their entire weekends away. They took me to their apartment which had a Jacuzzi and jumped right in. They couldn't keep their hands off one another, so I jumped in. They serviced me with dual bare back blow jobs unil I came on their Teen Latina faces.

We were hanging out near the Universidad in Bogota checking out the chicas. A hotty blondie came walking bye wearing boots and a leather jacket, so I tried to say hello. I figured she'd be easy prey since she was a bit rebelish, instead she snapped, "Fuck you, Gringo!" at me. I ended giving her some candy, then offering her some smokes. Soon after we were getting her in our apartment. Her name was Nicole and she was a 19yr old in her rebel stage. We tag teamed her for the rest of the day.

I met Claira from Baranquilla at a mall in Bogota. She spoke a little English & I spoke a little Espanol so I invited her to my hotel. Basically built for sex but hasnt quite reached womenhood. We kissed a little & she tried to suck on my cock. She seemed a bit shy as I poked my cock inside her tightness and gave her a few pumps in each position. She climbed on top & grinded her hips into a salsa rythem. She fucked me until I blew my sauce all over her. Something about Latin women when they
get on top.

Well our hombre, Frank, has been down on his luck and hasn't been laid for about a month. So after a little cohercing with his confidence built up & we go out to find him some choch. We actually made things a bit easier & called "una chica" to be waiting downstairs. Well Franky-boy after some small talk got her back to the room & reaped the rewards of this hot little 18 yr old named Claudia.

This was the original encounter with Jaime & Jackie (whom first said her name was Paola.) We had our little peru pimp with us to smoothen out & translate the pick up which was fairly easy since they were already sitting at a bar getting drunk. They are two classy Peruvian girls in Lima that work in the bath houses. With bottles still in hand, They took us to their workplace & gave us a girl/girl session before the cocktail really began to flow.


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